August 15, 2011

Sephora Colorista Palette Swatches & Review

Hello! It seems I have lacked in blogging again but I'm back! This time with swatches and a small review of the Colorista Palette by Sephora which is currently on sale for $23 CAD in stores (and I think still online).

The palette is a great buy for anyone who is looking for more choices at an affordable price or want to experiment with more colours in their look. It comes with 40 eye shadows, five eye liners, 15 lip glosses and six cheek products (could be used as blush, bronzer or highlight depending on your skin tone).

The best and most innovative part of the palette is that there is a palette within a palette. All the pans are magnetic so that you can customize a smaller palette to travel with. I like to put in colours I want to use so I'm not overwhelmed with choices when I'm rushing to get ready in the mornings. =) The palette also comes with a tool that looks like a toothpick for easy access - you use the tool to 'pop' out the pan you want. The magnets in the palette are strong enough so the pans won't fall out and the whole thing is nice and sturdy.

Let's start off with the blushers! =) They come in a nice variety of colours and finishes. There's matte and shimmery ones and thankfully the shimmery ones are not glittery in any way.

Now check this out! Two of the shades are quite close to some popular picks from Nars. =) So...if you're looking for a dupe of Nars Deep Throat or Laguna (Laguna's a bit off but still pretty close), you can get both plus more for less than one Nars' product. ;)

Now onto the liners... All I can say is that you can't judge this entire palette from these 5 liners. They're not the best... But they can work. I find that the liners are too creamy and aren't that pigmented unless you really build it up but then it will crease on me or smudge all off my face. =( But these won't go to waste because you can easily use them as a base so your eye shadows will easily stick to them.

Next we have the 15 lip glosses. These are not lip sticks so don't go digging into them. They're lip glosses and  they're very creamy. The colours are quite sheer and the lighter colours are basically non-existent on my pigmented lips. However, the lip glosses are nice and they're not too sticky - just a little sticky. ;)

And now the reason why we're all here - the eye shadows. =) This took me forever to swatch, there are just too many colours and not enough arm space... =P Like everything else in this palette, the shadows come in a variety of finishes including matte, metallic, shimmery and some have a hint of glitter in them (not overwhelming glitter).  I absolutely love the metallic ones and shimmery ones. The neutrals in this palette are beautiful! If you don't want to splurge and get the Naked palette by Urban Decay, this palette could easily work for you. The colourful side of this palette is quite soft (vs. being bold) and not highly pigmented but still pigmented enough that you know there's colour there.

Without flash

With flash



Overall, this is an excellent palette that is worth $23 CAD (originally $43 CAD). I wouldn't pay the original price but after the price-drop, it's a great palette that you can easily use everyday, for travel, and for experimenting with colours.

Hope you enjoyed! XOXO!

P.S. All the swatches were done on bare skin with no primers, bases, etc.

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