April 7, 2011

Exciting News!

 I joined a contest in the previous month that was hosted by Balmshell and unexpectedly won second place. =) At first I thought it was an April Fool's joke since I received the message on April 1st - but it was only because the contest ended March 31st. ;)

It was a pretty easy contest to enter since all I had to do was snap a picture of the contents of my purse since it was the "What's in Your Purse" contest.  If you don't know already, I am obsessed with bags and love seeing what's in other people's bags ever since I was a kid so this was right up my alley.

I received my prize yesterday in the mail and I was SUPER excited. So this is basically the "unboxing" of my prize. ;)

My prize was 3 lip glosses of my choice from their collection.  They were tied together with a cute bow and I chose...

From top to bottom: 'Curse of the Purse' (because that only made sense), 'Shopaholic', and 'Darling You Look Fabulous'. I swatched them below and they're really pretty and go on easily, they are sheer in colour and that's how they're advertised. The formula is not sticky and there's no awful taste or smell to them. =) 'Curse of the Purse' is the only one I chose that has some shimmer in it. These retail for $20 CAD each.

The other end of the lip gloss is actually a detachable key chain and they also include the key rings for when you're ready to detach them - however, one of mine is missing. =( And the fun thing about these lip glosses is that the key chain is animated, the lady will move when you tilt the lip gloss - it's super cute!!!

I'm very happy with these lip glosses and I wish they would make some opaque ones. ;)

I am very happy to inform you that Balmshell is proudly Canadian and founded by twin sisters Jennifer and Fiona Lees.  These lip glosses are also paraben and perfume free and contain no artificial preservatives. <3


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