January 31, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

First of all, Happy Lunar New Year to anyone who celebrates it (aka Chinese New Year, Vietnamese New Year, etc.). May the new year bring happiness and good health to all.

Second, it’s also my birthday!!! (If you can’t tell, I’m more excited about that… It is a day to celebrate me after all.) =P

I might have been a bit naughty in counting down to my birthday as I’ve done a bit of shopping and have a reveal to share with you... Here's a big hint:

Follow the jump for the reveal.

After purchasing my first designer handbag, I have always had an eye out for Balenciaga as I really love their motorcycle bags. However, there were three major areas that I did not adore – first, their bags have been way too east-west for my taste as I like a more proportioned bag; second, the straps on the other bags were too short to be able to wear it crossbody; and third, the leather they have been using throughout the years have been too dry, veiny, and crackly for my taste (I know some people absolutely love it).

When they came out with the Velo style, I was psyched as it was more squared than rectangular. When they came out with the Metallic Edge styles bags, I was in awe as it gave the bag a bit of glamour on top of the edginess, but sadly I didn’t see anything online for a Metallic Edge Velo, but when I stumbled upon it in-store, I fell in love (if you believe one could fall in love with a tangible item…). I was like a kid in a candy store and I couldn’t decide whether or not to buy it because as beautiful as it is, it’s not cheap. If you can’t tell already – I bought it. =D

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you would’ve seen a sneak peek already. But lo and behold, my very first Balenciaga bag. =D

It is the Metallic Edge Hamilton Velo in ‘noir’ and I freaking LOVE it.

I purchased it from Holt Renfrew (Bloor Street) and I got the one from the back, my SA told me they only received two and wouldn't receive more as it’s limited edition (let’s hope she has her facts straight). They put it out the day before so I was lucky to snatch one up.

I also saw the green one, ‘Vert Lichen’ at Holt Renfrew (Yorkdale) in Velo if you’re interested.
It also comes in burgundy and beige (no idea what the official names are) and in different styles that you will have to scope online. =P

Thanks for reading!

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