January 6, 2014


Happy new year everyone! Hope you're having a great beginning to a brand new year. =)

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now and I've just realized how long it's taken but it's due time. I visited the Shiseido counter back in October (feels like FOREVER ago) at The Bay and this is what happened.

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This is what happens when you shop a lot - you end up at random "events" near closing time when no one else is there. Yay! I wouldn't have stopped (as I usually don't) but this event featured Miyako Okamoto, Shiseido Beauty's top specialist, all the way from Japan. I just couldn't say no.

Unfortunately, she was occupied at the time, so the gentleman who did my makeup (who's name has eluded me) said he was a trainer for Shiseido makeup consultants across Canada.

They were promoting their new Sheer and Perferct Foundation so he made up my complexion and also my lips. He left my eyes as he thought they looked great. Yay me! (Also, thanks to my boyfriend, who stuck around and helped take photos.)

This is what they artistically put on my face but the lady who filled this sheet out just slapped it on...

And finally, of course I couldn't leave without having a photo taken with Miyako Okamoto - it's not everyday that you get the chance to meet a top makeup artist. =D

I fell in love with the Perfect Foundation Brush ($36 CAD) that was used to apply my foundation and was surprised that the super soft hairs are synthetic so I bought it. This is the first brush I've splurged on. I also love the size of this thing, it's travel friendly. Also, he told me that this brush was designed by Miyako Okamoto, which I thought was super cool. 

P.S. All the other things in the first photo were gifts. I got two free totes, some samples, and a facial appointment. I didn't even know you could get a facial behind the counter. There's a room enough for 3 people to do a facial at once. Space is a bit tight but it's pretty cool. 

Thanks for reading!

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