March 27, 2011

Rave: RapidLash

I wanted to do a quick review on RapidLash since it's appearing on HauteLook this week (I believe it's Monday). RapidLash typically goes for $59.99 CAD and I think the last time it was on HauteLook it was $39.99 USD and it came with a free gift. This review is just based on my own experience and how I used it and all that jazz.

I started using it at the beginning of this month almost every night (almost = laziness) and I LOVE it! =) There are many scary stories online about the dangers of RapidLash and blah blah blah. I have not read those stories because sometimes ignorance is bliss. =P However, my sister had tried it and it's not for her because she got a slightly bruised looking eye the next day. That freaked me out at first but fortunately for me, nothing bad has happened yet and hopefully never will.

I think my lashes look longer than they used to be (aka non-existent before), but not necessarily fuller though. I put it on before I sleep and I also use it on my eyebrows (but haven't noticed any major improvements). Please note that I've only been using it for about 3 weeks and have noticed some length, so I'm absolutely excited to use up the entire tube and see what happens.

So if you're interested in RapidLash after my "review" then head to HauteLook on Monday at 11:00AM EST! If you don't know what HauteLook is, I suggest you visit their site because they have amazing deals everyday from different brands for clothes, accessories, make-up, housewares, furniture, and lots more. They ship to Canada for around $11.95 USD and they charge a flat rate tax of 18% that also covers duties so there are no surprises at the door when your package arrives (because I know I hate when FedEx charges me an arm and a leg to be the middleman).

If you're thinking of signing up for HauteLook if you have not already then feel free to click the many referral links I have provided because they give $10 for every friend referred when they place their first order. =) Thanks in advance!

Hope my input helps! Until next time, xoxo!

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