March 28, 2011

NYC Sunny & Maybelline One by One Volum' Express

Writing a post at four in the morning even though I should be writing my paper that's due in four more hours. *sighs* Oh how much I hate you paper!!!

Happy thoughts!!! I went on a shopping expedition (by TTC, so it's an expedition!) to find Marshalls because I heard it was here in Canada. I went to two locations (sounds crazy...but the other one was just there). I checked out the Leaside and Scarborough locations and they sucked (can't find a better word for it at the moment). It's just another Winners since they are owned by the same company or something. Only thing I liked at Marshalls is their sunglasses display compared to Winners. The selection at Marshalls is basically everything you would find at Winners. (Guess this wasn't really a happy thought...)

However, I did visit WalMart and picked up two goodies even though I was looking for more stuff that they didn't have!!! I picked up NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in 720A Sunny and Maybelline One by One Volum' Express waterproof mascara in blackest black. I was looking for Hard Candy Glamoflauge but they didn't have my shade and I wanted to try some Wet n Wild nail polishes (Gray's Anatomy to be exact!) but they didn't have that either.

Yay picture! =) I've been wanting to try NYC Sunny for a while now after hearing some raves about it. I already used it and if it keeps working like it did the first time then I'm going to love it. It's not only a bronzer, it's a bronzing face powder! It makes my skin look a lot smoother like a face powder would but in a bronzer. =) And it was CHEAP! $3.67 CAD to be exact.

After using RapidLash and noticing some improvements, I thought I would try using mascara again (because I don't really like wearing mascara) and I love it! I love the brush on this thing, it's really good at coating all my lashes and it makes them look longer and a little thicker (but it's mega difficult to get off since it's waterproof).

Need to get back to my paper now after this randomness!!!

Until next time, xoxo!

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  1. I too was disappointed going to Marshalls, the exact same stuff as Winners nothing special on pricing either. I went there on the first day thinking they would have some promotions but they didn't. The shoes are more organized thats about it.