March 20, 2011

I Love the Dollar Store

I LOVE the Dollar Store! =) I picked up a few goodies last week that I surprisingly found at the dollar store, Absolute Dollar, to be exact.

I was looking for some hair clips (I actually don't know the exact name of this type) and I found some Goody ones called StayPut Slip Proof Hold Hair Clips from their Colour Collection in 'Brunette' (because they didn't have black) for only $1 CAD. They have this this extra hair band looking thing in the clip that's suppose to make it non-slip, I've worn them, but I don't really notice the difference but I like how they're innovative. ;)

I also found the Goody Styling Therapy Reduce Dandruff Brush for $3 CAD (since not everything is a dollar at the dollar stores these days). However, it's still an amazing deal. I think these brushes retail around $15 because I bought one a few years ago from Shoppers Drug Mart and I absolutely love it. I think it helps since I don't notice any dandruff but I also use Head & Shoulders shampoo... =P I guess I just love the innovative part of it again. This one is different from the one I own because it has plastic bristles instead of metal so you can use it with a hair dryer.

The next thing I picked up was the Ardell LashGrip For Strip Lashes and this was only $1 CAD. I'm usually hesitant about trying stuff like this from the dollar store but my sister's friends have used it without any short-term effects and the formulation looks exactly like the one I didn't buy from the dollar store so I went for it. I rarely wear falsies but I do have some lying around so I'm going to need glue sooner or later since my last one needed to go into the trash. =(

The last thing I got was the Sally Hansen Smile Brightening Lip Treatment in 'Twinkling'. I've been looking for this after reading some reviews and I couldn't find it anywhere but the dollar store so I just bought it (for $3 CAD). 


The packaging says: "Lip Gloss Makes Teeth Look Whiter Instantly" and "Special Colour Pigments Counteract Yellow". I've already used this a few times and I haven't noticed my teeth looking any's a shame because it would've been cool but it's still a good lip gloss. The pigmentation is good, the colour actually shows up on my lips and it's not sticky. However, I'm not a fan of the smell, it's vanilla mint, it's bearable, but I wish it would just be mint on its own and my only other complaint is that the applicator seems a little stiff, I really hope it's not fake or anything. *fingers crossed*

Here's a swatch of the colour, it's quite pretty and very buildable.

I'm happy with my purchases. Sometimes you can really find some useful things at your local dollar store. I've noticed that Dollarama has a couple items from ELF, I do hope they add more.

Until next time, xoxo!


  1. Hi wendy, have you tried Woman lipgloss bella .. its supposed to be swell.. would love you to do review on it..

    1. No, unfortunately I've never tried that lipgloss and I've never heard about it. Where can I find it?