November 9, 2011

October 2011 Collective Haul

Here's my collective haul for last month. I can't believe it's November already and soon it'll be December and a whole new year. This year has definitely flew by. Do you guys agree?

So here it is, I didn't spend too much because I seriously have to cut back seeing as my current occupation is 'student' which means I have no income at the moment.

First purchase that arrived were my Clarisonic brush heads from I never ordered anything from them before but my first experience was pleasant - nothing went wrong and I got free samples in my package. =) Also, they sometimes have 20% discounts so if you're interested I would urge you to subscribe to their mailing list.

Next, I purchased this Bento Beauty Box by Bijin from Shoppers Drug Mart. I've never heard of this brand but from my research, it is part of Quo (a beauty store brand by Shoppers). The only reason I picked it up was because it was sitting in the clearance section and marked down to $5 CAD so I wanted to give it a try. Sadly, it wasn't even worth the $5 for me. =( I could only tell what colours were in the package by looking at the back and it looked a lot darker than what it turned out to be. Also, the colours are not as pigmented as I hoped they would be (the brown is actually quite nice though) but I like their finish.

I picked up two items from Sephora. Glow Fusion Micro-Tech Intuitive Active Bronzer in 'Golden' and Sephora by OPI nail colour in 'Going Nude, Eh?'. Found the nail polish in the clearance section for $6 CAD and I've been looking for a nude polish so it was fate. =) And I picked up the bronzer because Sephora was clearing out their Fusion brand products at 75% off. I would NEVER pay retail for this bronzer - not worth it. The bronzer is on the lighter side so I like to use it all over my face to give it some life.

I picked up two more nail polishes from the American Apparel warehouse sale for $3 CAD each. I don't know what the retail price is but I thought I'd give these a try and I'm not that impressed... It's just a typical drugstore quality nail polish so unless you are dying for a specific colour, it's probably just easier to buy from the drugstore. =P The shades I got are 'Mouse' and 'Cocoa'.

The next item I purchased is super exciting. They're the LipSurgence lip lusters/tints by Tarte. This package is called Lip Service and it's a limited-edition LipSurgence collection for the holidays. I've been wanting to try these forever but never did because they're $31 CAD per (or around there...). This sett is a freaking steal because you get five full-size products for only $34 CAD (or around there again...I can't remember prices). I almost had a heart attack when I saw this set. You get three lip lusters in 'Glitzy', 'Flashy' and 'Dazzled' and two lip tints in 'Perky' and 'Swank'.

Next is my order from when they had their anniversary sale. I had to wait patiently for these items. =( I got two more round lipsticks from NYX in 'Hebe' and 'Rose Bud'. A NYX soft matte lip cream in 'San Paulo' (my first ever and probably not last). ;) A NYX Mega Shine lip gloss in 'Dolly Pink' (also my first ever and definitely won't be my last). I absolutely LOVE this lip gloss, it's pigmented and smells like red lollipops. <3 I also got a blusher from NYX in 'Cafe' (also a first) that I'm not so crazy about. I was aiming for a bronzer coloured blusher but this is not it so I'll either try again or stick with bronzers. =P

I also ordered a nail polish by Milani (also a first) in 'Purple Gleam' and it's part of the one coat glitter collection. It lives up to its name, you definitely can get by with one coat of this nail polish and it's gorgeous but I still like two coats. =)

And finally, I ordered four Easyliners by Jordana, one for lips in 'Tawny' and three for eyes in 'Black', 'Seagreen', and 'Purple Fusion'. I absolutely love seagreen, it's a re-order because I used up the first one. These liners are retractable and affordable at only $1.99 USD per but I can't find this brand anywhere in Canada so Cherry Culture is my only supplier.

Also, got a free Bubble Gum lip balm from Cherry Culture. Yay for free!

Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to comment!!! =)

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