March 14, 2011

Final Reveal

My last post was about how much I loved the Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Neverfull GM that my boyfriend got me, however, I am not the owner of such a bag anymore. =(

I am typically drawn to Damier Ebene (which is why I picked that one first), however, after a reading few posts and seeing a couple of pictures of what COULD happen (and I stress 'could' since it doesn't happen to everyone) to the bag (such as cracking and peeling of the leather straps), and asking my fellow purse addicts on The Purse Forum for advice, I have made a final decision that I'm really happy about.


I went back to LV this afternoon and exchanged it for the Monogram Neverfull GM, same bag, different pattern. =) I am really LOVING this one. The leather is a lot softer and the bag is just smooshier than the Damier Ebene. However, I am NOT loving how the leather looks brand new, I can't wait till it ages into a golden honey brown.

Interestingly, LV only allows one exchange, and the sale becomes final. My advice is if you're unsure of what you want then you should do a full refund and then buy the bag again. ;) At least it won't be final sale.

Also, I don't understand why LV won't give me a gift box. I really wanted one since I've gotten gift boxes for my other purchases. On the original purchase, my SA told me they ran out and she even went to "check" (I don't know if she just hid in the back), but this time when I asked another SA, who was issuing the exchange, he told me that they're a "green" company and don't have gift boxes until the holiday season - these people are lying to my face. =( I guess I'm just not important enough to get a damn box (but also a very pretty one). If you're planning on picking up anything from LV, I would advise you to go to the actual boutique on Bloor St. and not that one at Holt Renfrew - boo them! (P.S. I only went to the Holt's location because the boutique was closed on Friday night.)

Sorry for my rant! But of the people on TPF who buy LV bags, they always seem to get a freaking box and I'm not talking about a collapsible one, I'm talking about a heavy duty one that I could store my bag in. =P

Thanks for visiting!

Until next time, xoxo!

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  1. Oh you changed it :-(

    It's very pretty but I insist, that untreated leather didn't work for me since I use Vaseline in my hands as a moisturizer, so go figure. Once I was sanitizing my hands and a drop of Purell found its way to the leather and another day it rained out of nowhere and a few drops also found their way :-(

    It's nice that you are happy with your final purchase.

    I am also dying to get a box!!! That would be so cool cause they can be used for display haha.