March 13, 2011

Bestest BF Ever (and Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene)

Yes, this is a post on the BESTEST BOYFRIEND EVER (it's not really), but thanks to him I am now a proud owner of another classic.

My new Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene. =) I absolutely LOVE this bag, it can fit so many things and I just love the classic Damier Ebene print. My small but well loved collection is all in Damier Ebene and after purchasing this one, I couldn't decide if I wanted to exchange it for the Monogram one since somebody in my family already has the Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene but I just thought, WHATEVER! However, the Monogram one is less structured than the Damier Ebene one and the SA just said that's how the material is, which didn't explain much.

I tried the Neverfull in Damier Ebene in MM and GM when I was in the boutique, and liked the over sized one way more, and then I tried it in Monogram. I chose this one but then the SA says, "You have 14 days to decide if you want to exchange it for the Monogram". Boo urns! I already made my decision in the store and she has to say that to make me ponder about this the entire night (yes I am that obsessed).

I hope I made the right decision. I just hate the new look on the Monogram print since the leather is in that weird nude colour and I have to wait till it develops into a rich golden colour. And the Damier Ebene has the gorgeous red interior which I am very fond of.

What do you think?


  1. Stick with the Damier's to die for!

  2. Yes you did make the right decision. The MM is too small and it doesn't look as gorgeous nor as chic as the GM and for the Monogram print, I have a Speedy 30 which already started to darken (of course, it's a 4 year old bag) and it's frustrating cause it catches everything: water drops, Purell :-(, dirt, you name it!!!

    Love your bag!!!

    Hoping to get one soon. Bad thing is, the closest LV Boutique I have is Tucson, AZ which is a 5 hour drive; Dallas could work too but it's 9 hours; besides, driving that many hours to just get a bag is ridiculous. When I purchased my Speedy we were visiting D.C. so it was logical cause we were already there with a purpose. Ordering online is not that cool either haha it's better to go inside the store and get it yourself.

  3. you made the right choice! the gm is a great size and the mm is too small. plus i have the monogram one and now i wish i got the damier ebene one since the monogram handles kinda patina-ed weird cause of hand oils etc. so rest assured you got the right bag :)