March 12, 2011

Forever 21 Make-up Review and other ramblings

I know it's been over a week since I last blogged and I guess this week has just been a lazy one for me but I'm back! =) I went shopping today downtown and dropped by Forever 21 when I noticed they had a lot of make-up in stock, a lot of make-up that looked very similar to ELF make-up and packaging and I just had to buy something.

I picked up 2 items from Forever 21's 'love and beauty' collection which included the 32-piece eyeshadow collection and their lip gloss. The eyeshadow collection is priced at $7.80 CAD and the lip gloss is priced at $3.80 CAD.

I only saw 2 lip glosses, one was more silvery pink, and the other was more golden pink. I picked up the golden pink one, it's called 'Coral' and I only found that on the sticker with the bar code and nowhere on the actual product (but whatever). Glad it was a doe foot applicator and not a brush, I'm not a big fan of brush applicators. The packaging reminded me of Revlon's Super Lustrous lip glosses but this one is a bit smaller in comparison.

The colour is sheer... There isn't really any colour payoff and there's only some shimmer. However, it's REALLY glossy looking and not sticky. It also smells delicious!!! It smells like fuzzy peach candy. =)

I picked this up because it looks exactly like the ELF eyeshadow collection. The packaging is really nice and I just bought it without thinking really since it was pretty cheap. =(

 The colours are quite close and some of them are almost the variety isn't really there. The colours are not that pigmented and some are quite chalky with a lot of fall out during application. I wouldn't recommend this palette.

Here are some swatches...the blue in the picture is the brightest blue in the palette and it's not that bright...

I also dropped by Shoppers Drug Mart and picked up an Urban Decay Primer Potion (the original formula) for my sister because everyone needs a good primer! =) I don't know what I did before before using primer (well, I do, and that was have my eye make-up smudge all over my face). But seriously, primer is a must! I have also tried Too Faced Shadow Insurance (which is usually compared to this one) and it basically does the same job as this one, it really comes down to which of the 2 packaging you prefer.

Finally, I went to Kiehl's and picked up my free Lip Balm #1 in Mint. So far, I'm liking's very glossy and minty but I HATE the applicator (which is non-existent). I wish they would just put an applicator on it because I HATE using my fingers to apply any lip products. The formula reminds me of Vaseline but just not as thick.

Until next time. =) 

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