February 8, 2013

Hong Kong Haul

Hi everyone! Happy Lunar New Year!!!

It's been forever since I've blogged (again) and I guess I just haven't been feeling like blogging lately. But I have finally got the courage to put some videos on YouTube. Hooray! If you're interested, my channel is under the same name as my blog. =) I know it's been months since I was in Hong Kong but as a starting point to my channel, I've posted a couple vlogs I did while I was there. There are more to come. And I guess it kind of works out that I'm now finally posting this haul but really I was just procrastinating. =P

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I didn't buy much in Hong Kong because I wasn't feeling that fantastic but I managed to get lots of face masks (the sheet ones); I think that was sort of a ridiculous goal of mine that I didn't forget. =P I don't remember any of the prices of the items I purchased but I think I remember where I bought most of the things because there were only a couple places where I really shopped, mainly Sasa and Mannings and I did pick up a couple things from another cosmetic store but I can't remember the name. 

To start, MyBeauty Diary face masks! 

Natto Rejuvenating Mask, Strawberry Yogurt Mask, and Black Pearl Mask

Mexico Cactus Mask and Gold & Marine Collagen Lift Stretch Mask

Then I picked up a few Nivea Extra Whitening deodorants because we don't have these in Canada and I like how there are "whitening" benefits. I also picked up a couple Rohto eyedrops from the airport (to spend the last of my Octopus card). I didn't know which one to get so I got both... *shrugs

I got this Anna Sui inspired bobby pin case with bobby pins...thought it was super cute! I don't use a lot of bobby pins... This is from the store that I can't remember the name of. =(

More masks! A Sasatinnie branded one that the sales associate recommended and a BRTC one.

More "masks" but for the eyes...maybe they have another name. The Blueberry ones were highly recommended and on promotion so we got a bunch of them. =)

Then I found this little gem from a giftset on sale! =) I've heard good things about Dr.Jart+ and it was a steal to pass. A BB cream and a gel-cream moisturizer.

And some random tools that were too cute to pass. A supposedly stainless steel falsies applicator (not stainless steel at all); a pump bottle; a travel friendly smudge "brush", and a Dollywink falsies case.

I also picked up a few oil absorbing sheets because they seem cheaper in Hong Kong (really I mean the Clean&Clear one). The pink one on the bottom left corner is powdered and opens like a book...another thing I "had" to try. =P

That's all the makeup stuff I got from Hong Kong, didn't really get much else. Shopping is stressful there for me, there's just too much stuff crammed into little spaces (unless you're shopping high end but I couldn't afford it sadly).

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!!!

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