June 27, 2012

Paulette's Original Donuts and Chicken

Good ol' Leslieville just welcomed a new addition to the menu: Paulette's Original Donuts and Chicken located on Queen St. E and Carlaw Ave.

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I've been trying to get some original donuts from Paulette's but have failed twice. =( First time around, I went on Tuesday, and they still had two of their seven flavours left but I needed cash because they are 'cash only'. I wish they warned me on their website or outside their store instead of a hand written sign at the cash register.

So I tried again the next day but they were entirely sold out of their original donuts. =( It's like the more impossible it is to attain something, the more I'll want it. *sighs*

Tempting donuts all sold out =(

But I had cash this time around and I wasn't going to leave empty handed. I got their 'Hot Donut Dots' with Garam Masala Sugar and a snack size of their fried chicken (1/2 breast and 1 piece dark) with their Maple Chili Dip. Sadly, it wasn't cheap - $4.50 CAD for 8 donut dots and $8 CAD for fried chicken.

I ate the Hot Donut Dots first and I'm not sure what Garam Masala tastes like, but to me, it was plain old cinnamon sugar. Maybe I had some high expectations because their decor is gorgeous but it was overpriced Tiny Tom's to me - they're smaller and you get fewer.

Their fried chicken definitely stole the show, it is more than what I'd like to pay for fried chicken, but the batter was nice and crunchy without being overly greasy and the meat was tender and not dry. The only weird part to me is that the batter did not like to stick to the chicken...but I managed.

The most disappointing part was their sauce. Maple chili to me sounds like something sweet and spicy but it lacked in flavour and was too watery for my liking - it was sweet but not sweet like maple. The spiciness of the chili did not infuse into the sauce, but you can taste the spiciness if you eat an actual piece of it.

I liked the chicken, it wasn't "OMG best chicken ever!" but it was good. I would definitely try another sauce or one of their salts. I'm definitely not going back for any more Hot Donut Dots but I'll definitely return to get my hands on some donuts! =)

And just an FYI, Paulette's is strictly for take-out. ;)

Have you tried Paulette's? Comment below!

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  1. where is the best fried c hicken in toronto, wendy?

    1. I haven't found it yet, but I love my mom's buttermilk fried chicken. ;)

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