June 18, 2012

MAC Warehouse Sale June 2012

Guess what I did over the weekend! I got another chance to go to the MAC Warehouse Sale! =) This time around I was prepared and ready and brought my new camera along. So I thought I would do a follow me post if you're interested in seeing inside the invite only sale.

Follow me...

The sale was located at the same place and I think it's always located at the same place, at the Markham Fairgrounds. Luckily my amazing father drove me there otherwise I'd have to forfeit the tickets. =P When my dad saw the line, instead of looking for parking, he drove straight to the end of the line and dropped us off. =)

This is the line at 8:20AM and I was first shocked, because this line seemed a lot longer than the line during the December sale. Reminder, the sale started at 9:00AM.

The entrance to "waiting room" is where the giant pole is.

What can I say, I was bored 

The line started moving but it wasn't 9:00AM yet, and this is what I see behind me, and even longer line.

We entered the waiting room.

The man on his tablet that the other few men there were probably jealous of ;)

We got into the snake part of the line. =) What I've learned is that the line wasn't THAT long, it seemed long because they didn't open the doors to the waiting area yet. Score!

Lots of women!!! And a few good men. ;) They didn't look too happy though.

$4 section, it wasn't busy when I got there, but it got really busy. The $4 section wasn't as good this time around, there were mainly deluxe samples of facial cleansers, makeup removers, and Bumble & Bumble shampoos and conditioners. No lashes!!! 

Items are placed on tables within the same price range, this is a table of $15 products. They were mainly blushes and powders. You can swatch to your heart's content. When you're ready, you simply write the number of the product you want on the paper in the white baskets with the tiny pencils tied to the tables.

Then you bring it to the service area where they pick up and bag the items for you.

Stealth picture taking. I didn't know if we were allowed to take pictures. =/

Cashing out. Spent a good two hours (almost two hours) running around through three barns filled with makeup. =) Luckily, there was no line when I went to check out.

Do not forget to check out the charity bags. Not always a hit, but always a deal, and it's for charity. =) They're $5 per bag and each person is limit to four bags maximum. Each bag has a couple Mac items. The charity bags from December were a lot better than the ones from this sale. And! If you get the maximum, the four bags are already packed in one bag, I tried asking for four separate bags but the man lies and says they're already different but I ended up getting a lot of the same stuff sadly.

The end! Hope you enjoyed this journey with me! As always, feel free to comment below!!!


  1. Can't wait till you post what you got ;) :D

    1. Haha! That's a reminder I should do that soon... :)