January 5, 2013

Buffalo Haul

I hope everyone is having a very happy new year! Let's start the year right with a mini haul from Buffalo. We went around the beginning of December for one night so we could shop a little more than $50 and to be entirely honest, we crossed the border for food this time around. ;)

I focused on my two favourite places across the border that we don't have here, Target and Ulta.

As you can see, I was focused on Christmas goodies at the time. Picked up an advent calendar, only because it was uber cheap. Let's just say, I'm not planning on getting one for next Christmas. Got some gingerbread Peeps for my sister, not reading that they're gingerbread flavour... (Oops!) Got a super cool gingerbread village kit to realize later that the product was from Canada... *sighs* I was just too excited to read any labels I guess. And finally, white chocolate peppermint M&M's! =) They're exclusive to Target so I had to grab a bag. I didn't just buy edibles, trust me.

I picked a XL bottle of Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray hoping that it would still be on sale (but sadly missed it by one day). *sighs* Still picked it up anyway because I can't find the XL size here. Also picked up more Real Technique brushes! They didn't have the ones I wanted last time because they had their bogo half price promotion but they were in stock this time but no promotion (guess I can't have it all). =P I picked up the Starter Set and the Expert Face Brush.

I guess that's it...not really a haul but just a couple purchases. I had more control this time around considering my spending limit was a lot less compared to my last trip. I'm definitely looking forward to the arrival of Target this year.

Thanks for reading!

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