December 23, 2012

Small Soft Ginger Cookies

Only a couple days left till Christmas and I'm in the holiday mood so I baked more ginger cookies. =) Not much else to say except that this cookie recipe hasn't failed me and I've tried it twice already. Yippee!

Keep reading for the recipe. ;)

The recipe is super simple! And made easily available at Taste of Home. They're originally called "Big Soft Ginger Cookies" but I made them smaller... =P

Here's the beginning of the wet have to cream the butter and sugar together first then beat in an egg and add the molasses (I used 'fancy molasses'...I'm not sure what that means).

Here are my dry ingredients all ready to be blended together.

The result of putting the wet and dry ingredients together. =)

Form them into one inch balls and roll them in sugar.

Tada! They're a little crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. PERFECTION in a cookie!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe holiday! Thanks for reading!

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