November 1, 2011

Happy Kitchen Cupcakes

Yes, I fell for another Popin' Cookin' kit. =) This time, I found the Happy Kitchen cupcakes in a candy store at Scarborough Town Centre.  This kit is a little different from the first kit I got because this one requires heat so I had to use a microwave to "bake" the cupcakes. 

All the stuff in the packet in the box.  It comes with everything to make the cupcakes and to decorate it.

As always, you start off by cutting the tray. =) A baking tray, two mixing trays, and a measuring cup for water.

Vanilla cupcake mix and a cup of water. =)

There's a line in the baking tray that you're suppose to fill it up to but I didn't even notice for the first batch. I basically just divided the batter equally.

I had no idea how long I was suppose to heat it because the instructions are in Japanese but there were some numbers and I guessed for the most part. I think I heated these ones twice...but tada!

And there's also chocolate cupcakes.

There were two varieties of frosting included - pink and white.

And you could easily smear the frosting on the cupcakes or fill the little packets that are included to make designs (which is the fun part).

And tada! My half dozen of mini cupcakes decorated with frosting and sprinkles. =)

P.S. It looks pretty and delicious but truthfully, they were pretty gross and I ended up tossing most of them after trying it. I definitely recommend the noodles over the cupcakes even though these are cuter. =P

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