July 24, 2011

Popin Cookin' - Food You Can Play With

I stumbled upon this product on one of friend's photos on Facebook and after watching several videos on YouTube, I had to get my hands on one of these Popin Cookin' packages.  Luckily I found it at one of the junk food shops in Pacific Mall as this product is from Japan.  I chose the ramen noodle with gyozas.  These packages are typically candy based but this one had ramen noodles that are suppose to taste like real ramen.

This is definitely food you can play with and the package comes with everything you need except water.  And even though I can't read Japanese, the illustrations and labels were clear enough to follow.

First off, the soup for the ramen noodles - it smells like soup from real instant noodles.

Ramen noodle paste. =)

Pouch for the ramen noodle paste and a tooth pick to puncture a hole in the pouch.

The making of ramen noodles. =D

The paste solidifies in the soup creating actual noodles. =)


Dough for the gyozas.

You have to flatten out the dough to make the gyoza wrappers and fill it in with sprinkles.

I have no idea how to nicely fold a gyoza so I cheated with a fork. ;)

Mission accomplished. =)

The ramen noodles tasted like actual noodles but the gyozas were disgusting.  I was debating whether or not to try the gyozas as the dough was basically like a fondant then filled with sprinkles...something I'm not a big fan of.

It was a fun experience and if I ever come around finding the cupcake one (yes, there's a cupcake one that makes real cupcakes), I know I'll have to get it.  Other than that, there's not much to be said about this as the photos can tell its own story. =)



  1. Where in pacific mall can I get it what is the store

    1. I believe I got this in a snack store on a corner near the back entrance... But I've also recently seen these at T&T Supermarket as well but be aware of the expiration dates.