July 31, 2011


Hello ladies and gents! I have another haul for you today. =) And it's from ELF (aka EyesLipsFace). First off, I'd like to say, although I enjoy using many of their products and that they're super affordable - they definitely need to upgrade their online customer service - it's crap! I will explain my lengthy story at the end of this post so I don't bore you but buyer beware. Otherwise, ELF is a great brand to get started with make up if you're unsure of what things you like since it's so affordable and there's are many things that work great.

Like all ELF orders, it comes packed in a drawstring plastic bag with stuffing paper inside a cardboard box. You're definitely not paying for anything fancy. I almost forgot to mention that I got everything at 60% off. =) That's basically the only time I'll do an order now since it'll cover the duties if anything. ;)

The first couple of things are from the regular $1 USD ELF line which includes the Defining Eye Brush (have yet to try), Eye Crease Brush (have yet to try), Smudge Eye Sponge (LOVE - I have this one already but I got it for my sister), and Smudge Brush (LOVE - I definitely needed one of these). 

The next few brushes I purchased are from the Studio Line which are typically priced at $3 USD and goes up to $6 USD. These brushes were all $3 USD each. I got the Angled Eyeliner Brush (DISLIKE - I have no use for it as the brush is lacking bristles... *shrugs), Stipple Brush (honestly just got it because it looked pretty - but now I've learned how to stipple!), Powder Brush (LOVE - but now the bristles are not as dense as before so I still use my old one), and Angled Contour Brush (LOVE).

I also got myself another eyelash curler from their $1 line because it's AMAZING! =) I also got a Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in 'Grassy Green', a Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, blue feathered falsies (just because), two Brightening Eye Color quads in 'Drama' and 'Ocean Dreams', and the Mineral Eyeshadow Primer (I've been wanting this FOREVER but it was never in stock).

Lastly, lip and face products. I got Lucious Liquid Lipstick in 'Ruby Slipper', Lip Stain in 'Fashionista', Hypershine Gloss in 'Joy', Bronzer in 'Cool', Mineral Lipstick in 'Royal Red', and finally Mineral Lip Gloss in 'Fierce'. 

That's all for my ELF haul! Hope you enjoyed!



P.S. The only warning I have for those who purchase online internationally (i.e. Canada) - BEWARE OF DUTIES. I've had some issues with ELF from last year that has yet to be resolved and all I get when I try to contact them is NO RESPONSE. I've made 3 orders last year and two orders had duties charged about two months after I received my packages. I was quite surprised to receive some hefty invoices from FedEx. =( One of my orders was around $90 USD and I ended up paying around another $90 CAD just for duties. That's quite insane if you ask me. I tried contacting ELF and I got responses and they admitted it was their fault and said they would fix it but they never did and never contacted me again - I'd rather get a "no" then be stood up via email. I ended up paying FedEx since they kept sending invoices that were basically final notices and threatening to get collectors to come after me. =( It's dumb because on their site, they have something directed at Canadian orders that says:

If I ship my order to Canada, will I incur any customs fees?
Any Canadian Order that has a value over $20 USD (not including shipping) will incur the following charges: $5.00 customs handling fee and a 6% GST Tax, as well as local Provincial taxes (where applicable). These charges will be due to your mail courier upon delivery of the order.



  1. ahh you made another elf haul?! i wanted a couple items but never really bother with it since i don't have much to get. i wanted to try the powder brush! need a new stippling brush too!

  2. @Janice I've never tried other stippling brushes but this one gets the job done for me. =) The powder brush isn't what it use to be but it's still fine for $3.