May 2, 2011

Easy Headband Holder

I felt like I haven't blogged in a very long time but it's really been over a it's not as bad as I thought. =) I just recently finished finals so I can actually breathe again. I was totally offline (excluding my BlackBerry) for the weekend and needed time for myself. If you guys didn't go out on Saturday then you truly missed out on some wonderful Toronto weather. =P Enough rambling! On to the main topic: my new headband holder.

I've been in the market for a DIY headband holder and I've seen ideas such as using a paper towel roll or even a cylinder canister and covering it with fabric, I was totally on board for that but was just too lazy to get a move on. However, I've been inspired by a Youtuber with the most simple and elegant idea (in my opinion) by using a glass vase as a headband holder. The best part of using a glass vase is that it wouldn't require any extra work! =D So I've been shopping around mainly Winners and HomeSense and finally found a pretty perfect vase, one big enough (in diameter) to keep my headbands up. Now if only I can find one tall enough to hold all my headbands. ;) And if you don't know me, I basically live in headbands.

So here it is, my new headband holder! =D

Thanks for visiting! XOXO!

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