May 7, 2011

Goodies from Asia

I'm super excited to share a couple things I asked my uncle for while he was on vacation in Asia because I cannot find them here in North America except online...but it's overpriced! =)

The first item I asked for was mascara. I'm still on a mascara kick and I can't seem to get enough mascaras...I try not to open all of them but it's really difficult and I know mascara goes bad. =( But the mascara that I've heard many good things about is the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus and the one I got is in BK999.

The brush is quite unique because there are two steps in its application. I like the brush idea because the first step really builds the mascara on the lashes and the second step acts like a lash comb and separates the lashes nicely.

Another nice aspect of this mascara is that there are fibres in the formulation that I just had to illustrate with a picture. =)

At first, this mascara wasn't all that it was hyped to be because I wasn't in love with it. I wasn't really use to the brush but I love the brush now. One thing I don't like is that the formula makes my lashes feel a little heavier in comparison to my Maybelline Volum'Express One by One mascara. I do however, like how it lengthens and I get more volume than the Maybelline Volum'Express One by One. Please take into account that these are only my initial thoughts and opinions.

So I asked for one, then two more so I could have a backup and the other one is for gifting. ;) My uncle got these from Watsons and Boots I believe. One from Taiwan and two from Singapore...I think it was cheaper in Taiwan (but don't quote me on that one =P). It was around $10 CAD for the first one and then $13 CAD each for the next two but I got a free make-up pouch with purchase so YAY! (I think of it as making up for the price difference.)

The second item I asked for was deodorant, sort of random and maybe somewhat of a TMI for those who are thinking "Deodorant?!? WTF?!?" then by all means, this is the end of the post for you. =D Love you!

Okay! Deodorant! =) Everybody needs deodorant...even when you think you don't. ;)

I asked for the Nivea Extra Whitening deodorant (actually I think it's antiperspirant) and I know we have Nivea deodorant in North America but NOT the extra whitening one so I was super excited to get mine since yes I would like some whitening there (maybe this is TMI but =P). I've been using it for a good week and have seen no results. =( But I will continue using it because it's still a deodorant and hopefully there will be some good results along the way. It was around $4 CAD from Taiwan I believe.

That's all for now! =) XOXO!

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