May 16, 2011

Goodies from Japan

Just wanted to do a very quick post on some goodies my uncle brought home from Japan. =) These pictures are from the end of April but it's never too late to share. =)

The first thing that is super cute and would please those who love packaging: cheesecake!

It came in this box that was wrapped in cellophane which contained this:

A tray wrapped in cellophane containing individually wrapped cheesecakes. =D Super "kawaii" in my opinion.

The cheesecakes are in little paper cups inside the wrapper. All that packaging and the product was only average, it was a little plain and there was this tiny filling in the middle that was weird, it was suppose to be cheese (I think) but it didn't taste like it... =/

Anywho, I know all these pictures are excessive, but I HAD to show you how small the cheesecakes were. ;)

Onto the next treat!

This beautiful box containing MOCHI! =) I'm typically not a fan of mochi unless it's ice cream mochi (and that's an entirely different story) or if it's mochi on froyo. =) But this mochi from Japan was really good compared to the ones I've tried here.



We cut up everything to share and try. =) This one had a red bean filling and it was really good. =)
Until next time! XOXO!

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