May 17, 2011

NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Mini Review

NYX is definitely growing on me, especially when I get snatch some up uber cheap. =) I bought this 10 color eyeshadow palette from their Runway Collection on boxing day last year at Vaughan Mills. I think it was 25% off almost everything so I think I got this palette for less than $10 CAD (or at least that's what I remember). ;)

It's a great buy considering there's 10 colors that are reasonably sized. =) This palette is called "Secret World" and at the time I thought it would be a great palette with neutrals that I could use everyday. However, after playing with the palette, I just LOVE the different shades of green and have been using the bottom half of the palette more than the top.

There aren't any names for the individual colours but the swatches correspond with the palette. =) I love all the greens! The colours can easily be worn alone or together to make a green smokey eye or whatever combination that pleases your fancy (I think that makes sense...).

The neutrals are nice, the colours are very easily usable including the more orange one (second from the right). BUT there's a difference between the neutrals and the greens and that's the formulation. For some very odd reason, they decided to put little glitter pieces in these colours and that absolutely ruins it for me. =( Especially the palest one in the the upper left corner, that colour could've easily been used as a highlight but not with chunks of glitter.... =( I might be a bit dramatic as the glitter isn't severe like actual glitter but it's still there...and visible.

It's a nice compact palette that offers a great variety of colours especially some of the other ones. I wanted to purchase another one but the store I got it from is actually gone now. =(

Hope this helps! XOXO!

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