March 29, 2013

Mac Warehouse Sale Haul (March 2013)

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to “Spring”. =P And you would understand what I mean if you live in Canada. It's still pretty cold but thankfully warming up. I remember writing my last post about how it’s already March and now it’s almost April. Time is FLYING.

Today’s post is on a mini haul I recently did at the Estee Lauder Companies Warehouse Sale. I was once again lucky enough to end up with a complimentary ticket. Yay me! =)

Here’s a sneak peek at my bag of goodies.

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We were at the sale by 8AM and it didn’t start till 9AM but there was still a line when we got there (which was expected). It’s all the way at the Markham Fairgrounds (if you didn’t know already) and you have to drive there...public transportation can only get you so far.

There are basically four barns that are attached, the first is where the snake line is set up and a little kiosk that sells snacks with some tables and chairs. The next three barns are where the sale takes place. They opened the first barn pretty late, at quarter to 9AM. I didn’t take any pictures of the sale this time...I was too tired to be honest (I only had 2-3 hours of sleep).

Here's my haul after removing about a million plastic bags:

From previous experience, I’ve learned to go to the last room first because it’ll be pretty empty and  it’s also where the $4 bins are located. This year, the only things I picked up from the $4 bins are two pairs of the same lashes, Mac #38 and Clinique Bottom Lash mascara. I thought the mascara was a deluxe sample size but it turns out to be full size. =) I’ve always wanted to try it but I would have never bought it at retail price, but at $4, not bad at all.

After that, we were just all over the place. =P The other items I picked up include:
Mac Creamsheen lipstick in ‘Dare You’ [$10],
Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Stick in ‘Deep Lilac’ [$10],
Mac Haute and Naughty mascara [$12],
Mac Paint Pot in ‘Soft Ochre’ [$12],
Estee Lauder All About Eyes Smokey Eyes kit [$25],
Mac Mineralized Charged Water in ‘Youth Aura’ [$15],
Mac Cleanse Off Oil [$15],
some makeup cases (not shown), and a blush for my friend (also not shown).
[N.B. All prices listed in CAD.]

I was within my own budget (thanks to my friend) so it was a successful day. But I always want to buy more in hindsight...

The charity bags were disappointing this time around. It was $10 for one and the limit was two per person (so it was still $20 per person). But each bag had a set of four pigments in them, great deal for those who love pigments, but that is not I sadly – I can’t handle the mess. So I skipped out on those this time around. When we leaving and handing our ticket in for a gift in return, we got a Mac Pro Eyeshadow, a gorgeous colour that I’m saving for someone else. ;)

That’s all from this sale. Thanks for reading!


  1. Where did you get the free tickets from?

  2. Oh thats nice! I've never been, would be interesting to go. John's cousin had tickets last time but I didn't go.

    1. That's too bad. I enjoy a good saving so I don't pass it up when I get the chance. =) But they do come around four times a year so hopefully you'll get another opportunity to see the sale for yourself.