March 30, 2013

Bannock Canadian Comfort Food

A restaurant that I've been enjoying is Bannock Canadian Comfort Food. It's part of the Oliver & Bonacini family. I love the atmosphere, the service, and of course, the food. I do advise you to not plan anything after this meal because all you'll want to do is's serious comfort food.

Warning: Delicious pictures after the jump.

The first thing I knew I had to try on their menu is the 'roast duck poutine pizza - curds, fries, duck'. It's amazing! We've had it about every time we've been there. I wish there was more duck but I'm still content with the amount they give you. =P The pizza is thin and crisp on the edges. There's a lot of food so sharing is caring. It would make a very nice starter for a group.

The second item of the night was my 'arcadian court chicken pot pie - the one and only, mashed potatoes'. I was expecting a lot from this seeing as it's 'the one and only'. It was pretty good, a little salty for my liking but I threw in some mash and it balanced well. I did not like the mashed potatoes was more like pureed potatoes than mashed. I can honestly tell you I don't remember anything about the gravy... =P

Be careful, the filling is super hot but also delicious.

Other items I've tried from their menu include their 'st-canut pork and belly tourtiere - honeyed roots, heinz ketchup' (must be eaten with the ketchup), their daily soups (all delicious), sweet potato fries, warm s'mores pie (pretty amazing), and their 'eggs bannodict' (brunch in Leslieville is still superior) from their brunch menu.

That's all for today. Happy dining!

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