August 4, 2011

TPF Canadian Nail Polish Exchange =)

I'm so excited to share with you my first "swap". =) Technically called the "Canadian Nail Polish Exchange" that was courteously hosted by a few very nice ladies at TPF (The Purse Forum).

Here is the lovely re-packed (x9) package that I received still in box form. =)

I would love to share with you the contents but I am afraid I cannot, so here's what it first looked like when I opened it.

These are what my sister chose from the box:
Sally Hansen - Strobe Light
Sally Hansen - Sunlight

And these are my choices:

OPI - Black Shatter
OPI - Silver Shatter
OPI - Mamma Mia
Sephora by OPI - IM Beauty
Nicole by OPI - Yellow It's Me

Sally Hansen - Hypnotic Pink
Sally Hansen - Sunlight
Sally Hansen - Sugar Bare
Sally Hansen - Wet Cement
Nite Lites - Glo Worm Green
Seche Vite - Top Coat

And finally:
Maybelline - Glistening Tulip
Maybelline - Cupid's Wing
Maybelline - Peaches n' Spring
Piggy Polish - Life-Jacket Orange
Color Club - Enchanted Holiday
Color Club - Wish List Red
Rimmel - Climax
Essie - Brandie Alexander
China Glaze - Flying Dragon

All the polishes that I chose in a group photo! =)

Swaps/Exchanges are great ways to recycle and save money. One woman's "garbage" is another woman's treasure or so to speak. ;)

XOXO! =)

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