March 31, 2011

ELF Mineral Lipstick Swatches

I was debating whether or not to feature ELF products on my blog and have finally decided that I would because they do have some wonderful products at exceptionally affordable prices, I just had some misfortune with their online customer service, or lack thereof.

I only own three of their mineral lipsticks but I do love them. I have 6715 'Natural Nymph', which was my go to nude until Viva Glam Gaga 2 was released. I also own 6716 'Runway Pink' and 6701 'Nicely Nude'.

Sorry for the lack of lighting. =(

'Nicely Nude' is not your typical "nude", it's pink in colour and it's really close in colour to my natural lip colour but just with a tad more pink.
'Runway Pink' is a nice pale, soft pink that's good for any occasion.
'Natural Nymph' is a lovely neutral that gives you the nude lip (like you're dead). ;)

The lipsticks just look really nicely packaged, if people don't know what ELF is then they wouldn't guess that they're only $5 USD. They do go on quite nicely and you get pretty good colour payoff from the first swipe.

N.B. If you are considering ordering from their website and shipping to Canada, they ship via FedEx and if you're unlucky like me, they will charge a great sum for duties unlike what their website advertises and they won't help you even if they say they will. (I've just been plain ignored.) I guess that's my beef with ELF.

Until next time, xoxo!

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