June 16, 2011

Burger's Priest

I didn't know if I should dedicate a post to Burger's Priest but I just had to because if you're into the whole heart attack inducing burger, then this is the place for you. ;)

I was excited to try this place out because I keep hearing about it but I didn't know it was going to be a greasy burger joint. Oh well!

The place is located at 1636 Queen St E (Queen & Coxwell) and is very tiny. I went on a weekday and it was quite busy, so you basically hop in to order then wait outside because there's barely any room inside. There is MINIMAL seating (approximately 4 bar stools) if you want to dine in but take out would be your best option (which we did).

First up, the Priest, which is a cheeseburger with an "option". The option being a cheese stuffed mushroom then fried and quite possibly the best thing on the menu. =)

This is the cheese oozing out of the mushroom after cutting it in half because sharing is caring. 

And this is how super stretchy the cheese is - more amazing than pizza these days.

After the Priest, we have the Vatican City, which you won't find on their menu. =P It's on their "secret menu" and if you're curious, you need to hop on over to their Facebook page. ;)

I think this one takes first prize as the greasiest burger I've ever tried. The buns are actually grilled cheeses and it was a double double.

And of course, you can never have a burger without fries. =) Which ironically I barely touched trying to finish half of each burger.

It was fun looking up their secret menu and I think it's a great marketing scheme. There are lots of other items on their secret menu that top Vatican City (if you dare).

I probably won't be going back any time soon, it was just too much grease for me. =( But maybe for an option...because it was THAT good. =D


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