July 18, 2011

USA Shopping Trip 2011 Haul

I have finally taken pictures of everything I purchased on my weekend trip to the States. =) I took a bus tour with my boyfriend and his family last weekend to Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.

We were only in NYC for a few hours but I went a little crazy in the NBC Experience store (aka NBC gift shop). As you can see, I am a total fan of "The Office" and picked up a few things from Dunder Mifflin. =)

First off, I picked up a bobble head ($19.95 USD) - a must-have in my opinion. I was having a hard time choosing between Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute but you can tell who obviously won.  I also picked up a reusable "paper cup" ($12 USD) which I've been wanting but haven't found something I really liked until now (I'm using it at work and people think Dunder Mifflin is a real company... =P).  Then when I was at the register, I saw something "The Office" related and it was a hand cranked paper shredder with Dunder Mifflin branded office supplies in it for only $5 USD!!! (Promotional price with purchase - but regular price is only $12.97 USD which I would've paid anyway.)

I also picked up 3 magnets (which was suppose to be 3 for $12 USD, but ended up being $5 USD per since I didn't check my receipt =( - ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RECEIPT!) I picked two from "The Office" and one from "Friends". I wanted to pick up some Friends merchandise but nothing really caught my eye, there were some Central Perk items like mugs and aprons.  They had a promotion on tees but I didn't have enough time to try them on so I just skipped it.

The mini bottle came with the Set for Summer missing in the first picture. =P

We mainly shopped on Fifth Avenue in NYC, I even visited the Forever 21 there which had 6 floors - crazy! (And yet there were no headbands!!!)  Then the holy grail of all cosmetic stores - Sephora. =) I only picked up two things for myself since I didn't really need anything but the first item consisted of samples of many other items. =) Plus, shopping from Sephora is the US is way cheaper than in Canada. I purchased the Sephora Favorites - Set for Summer and I wanted this when I was shopping here but it's $49 CAD compared to $39 USD, so I had to pick it up across the border. ;)  And I picked up a Sephora by OPI 'Blasted Gold' for around $9 USD.

We went to three Premium Outlets which included The Crossings, Woodbury Common and Waterloo. Out of the three, The Crossings had the best Cosmetics Company Store with the best selection and the only one with MAC paint pots. I picked up a paint pot in 'Coral Crepe' for around $11 USD (I can't remember the exact price). Then at Woodbury Common, I picked up a MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in 'Love Forever' for only $11.25 USD.

Also at Woodbury Common, I picked up this lovely scarf from Van Heusen for around $10 USD but I had a $5 coupon from a previous purchase so it only came out to be around $5 USD and its MSRP is $45 USD. =) STEAL!

Then, I picked up this gorgeous hat from Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth.  It was priced at $84.99 USD with an additional 25% off but at the register I got an extra $10 off with my membership card I applied for last summer.  Yay!  So I picked it up for around $55 USD including taxes which to me is still expensive for a hat but my boyfriend was nice enough to cover most of it. ;)

If you're looking for more affordable LeSportsac merchandise, then look no further. =) The outlet offers 40% off everything and there's also a small clearance section where I picked up my cosmetics case from. It said $8.75 USD on the price tag and I was sold.

Best deal I got is on these shoes - they were FREE! A store called Bass had a promotion of buy one pair, get two pairs free. So my boyfriend purchased one pair, got one pair for free, and I got the second pair for free. =) I've been looking for some boat shoes but didn't really find any that suited me nicely but these are amazing and they're SUPER comfortable.

The last outlet we went to has the best Totes/Isotoner/Sunglass World. =) They have the widest selection of Totes umbrellas out of the three outlets. So I picked up two for my sisters to fit into their bags. =) They were only $7.99 USD each plus I got 10% off with my coupon book.

Last year I picked up a pair of sunglasses from Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth but they didn't have anything that caught my eye this year but luckily my boyfriend pointed to Sunglass Hut's giant sign of "Additional 50% Off" because I never bother to look at the Sunglass Huts thinking their outlets are usually overpriced. Was I ever wrong... I found a pair of Prada sunglasses I saw last year at a regular Sunglass Hut that I really wanted at the outlet. They were around $400 CAD at the time so I just couldn't put down that kind of money for sunglasses. =( But the price on these were down to $150 USD and it didn't stop there because there was still an additional 50% off. So I picked up these sunglasses for around $90 USD (taxes included).  I was incredibly thrilled! =)

And last but not least, I got Hello Kitty imprinted into an American penny at the Sanrio store in NYC. =) I LOVE these machines!!! =)

If you're looking for a long weekend shopping adventure, then you really have to check these bus tours out, we went with Safeway and although the tour guides can be annoying having to repeat things in three languages (Cantonese, Mandarin and English) and the bus ride can get quite tiring and long - it's quite affordable and chance to do some good outlet shopping. Plus, when you're out of the country for more than 48 hours, you can spend up to $400 CAD duty free. =)

Happy Shopping! XOXO!