July 2, 2011

Weekend Splurge

I bought these two items probably 2 weeks ago so I've been a lazy bum lately. But I would love to share with you my weekend splurge. =) I usually never buy things like these but I felt the need to have these things.

First I got the Rouge Volupte by YSL in #26 "Tender Peach" from The Bay and I LOVE it. =) The SA was very nice but also quite pushy. I went in for a lipstick and stood my ground because she got me trying the lip gloss on top and telling me it was perfect together but I had to protect my wallet from all the beautiful things. I was first attracted to this lipstick because of its packaging - it is just too pretty! However, the lipstick itself is very nice as it's not drying and lasts a good while. I thought this would be my only purchase of the day seeing as it's a $30+ lipstick but I was terribly mistaken.


I also got Naked! =) The Naked palette by Urban Decay that is. ;) It was to my surprise that Sephora actually had it in stock while I was there on a weekend. I picked up a box debating whether or not I should actually get it and this older lady swooped in and picked up a box and went straight to the cashier and I knew then that I had to have it. And it is everything that it is hyped up to be - the perfect neutral palette. The quality of the eye shadows are amazing and highly pigmented. (Maybe I need to do a swatch post on it even though there are plenty around already.) Only downfall is the price as it's $58 CAD which is ridiculous to me but in the moment it was worth it. This version came with an eyeshadow brush instead of the dual ended eyeliner and a deluxe sample of their very popular Primer Potion.


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  1. the naked palette colours look so classy!