November 27, 2011

Easy Christmas Themed Nails

I haven't done my nails in FOREVER because school has just been too busy and I feel guilty spending time doing my nails instead of doing something more educational... *shrugs

But I couldn't take my disastrous chipped manicure anymore so I thought it would be festive to do an easy Xmas themed manicure. =) I've never tried using a manicure stick (or toothpick if you prefer) to do designs but this was really easy and I think it turned out great. =)

I just did a simple Xmas tree on both my ring fingers by drawing three triangles and added some glitter which acted as ornaments on the tree. I didn't want to leave my other fingers bare so I went back in with the stick and did some polka dots. =) I used a scrap piece of paper to practice and also used that as a "tray" for the nail polish.

These are the polishes I used for this look plus my usual base and top coats:
A Oui Bit of Red by OPI
Meet Me Under The Mistletoe by Orly
You Don't Know Jacques! by OPI (I didn't have a dark brown so this did the trick)
Party of Five Glitters by Wet N Wild

I did two coats of red and all the details were done with the manicure stick. A good trick I learned was to have a good bit of nail polish on the stick and do a dotting motion when trying to draw otherwise you could be just moving the nail polish around... =P

That's all! =)

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