November 26, 2011

Weekend Project

A few weeks ago I was watching television and I think it was the Nate Berkus show and a few freecycling blogs around the web that inspired me to update a piece of ugly furniture in my living room. I think at one time, we almost tossed it because no one wanted it and we had gotten it for free anyway but I decided it would be a great way to test my own skills. =)

So I went to the local Home Depot and picked up a few items, a can of paint (sample size was enough for this project), a can of spray paint primer, and drawer knobs. I almost bought paint brushes from the Home Depot until my boyfriend told me to try the dollar store which I did and ended up buying a little kit with a small roller, paint brush, tray and gloves for a dollar that sufficed (but I did end up using more than one pair of gloves). =)

I also needed a sander but luckily my dad has a whole bunch of tools available for me to use. ;)

A fail on my part was to take a nice before picture...but I had already removed all the drawers and was basically too lazy to put them back. =P But you can see the original colour in this picture.

I used the sander to get pass the glossiness so that the new paint would apply nicer...I didn't however use the sander to really smooth down the surface (which disappointed my mother) but it was mainly because I feared I would sand it too much. *shrugs

Then I sprayed two coats of the primer. I should've gotten the grey primer instead of white because it would've been a lot easier to cover. I did let the first coat to dry before spraying the second coat. After this project, I know I hate spraying if I ever attempt another project, I'll probably try and find a can of primer.

Here's the first coat of paint...looked like bear fur with the white showing through. =P I believe I used two to three coats in total with some touch ups.

And here's the finished product. =) I am WAY happier with it now, it's not a sore thumb in my living room because now it matches the other furniture. I picked a nice brushed metal knob in a similar shape as the original (which was just the original colour and made of wood).

I'm happy with the results and I think I did a decent job. =) It's more modern looking now with the new 'espresso' colour and metal knobs.

Let me know what you think!

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