February 2, 2012

Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection Swatches

Hello everyone! I haven't blogged in a while but that's only because it's been a hectic few weeks with the Lunar New Year and my birthday. I'm going to post a small collective haul soon but I just need to edit those pictures so in the mean time, enjoy some swatches!!! =)

I have all three of the Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection 8-pan palettes and they're pretty fabulous and a great bang for your buck!

The first palette and my favourite of the collection is 'Comfort Zone' which features more neutral colours such as browns and greens. =)

The finishes in this palette are more on the lustre side which I love! But if you're looking for matte finishes, these are not for you. =P

Only the crease colour on the right side is the only one that has actual glitter pieces in it but the glitter is not overwhelming when swatched.

The second palette is 'Blue Had Me At Hello' which features blues (like stated in the name...).  The benefit of this palette is that you can easily do a classic smokey eye with the left side of the palette and the right side has more of the fun blue colours.

The definer colour on the left side is matte so this palette already has more of a "range" of finishes. ;)
The crease colour on the left and the definer colour on the right have glitter in it but the definer colour swatched does not appear to have a lot of glitter in it.

As you can see, the bright blue shades are quite pigmented.

The last palette in the collection is 'Petal Pusher' which features purple hues.

There is a lot more glitter in this palette but from the swatches, the glitter doesn't really show up like most of the glitters in these palettes.  This palette is different in that the definer colour on the left is not darker than the others which is odd but you don't necessarily have to follow their suggestions. =)

The only down side to these palettes is that they can get powdery when you're using them which can cause some fall out but nothing too major that can't be easily dusted away. The pros definitely outweigh the cons as they colours are pigmented and the palettes are highly affordable.  They're around $5 CAD each. I found mine at Walmart and Loblaws (surprisingly). =)

Hope you enjoyed!!! Have you tried these palettes? Tell me what you think!

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