January 21, 2012

Elizabeth Arden Colour Traincase Swatches

I finally got the chance to swatch everything from the Elizabeth Arden traincase that I purchased from The Bay's website. I haven't used anything except the eyeshadows which are quite pretty. I've never tried anything from Elizabeth Arden and this traincase was quite a steal so it was a great way to sample the brand. =)

Warning: Another picture heavy post. =)

Not only will you be getting more than a handful of makeup, you also get this reusable pink traincase with a slide out drawer.

In this set there are in total, 8 eyeshadows, 2 highlighters, 2 blushers, a mini mascara, 2 eyeliners, 2 lip liners, 3 lipsticks, 3 mini lip glosses, 3 mini brushes, and a mini makeup remover.

The mascara included in this kit is the Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara in '01 Black'. The full size retails for $28 CAD. The makeup remover included is the All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.  The full size retails for $24 CAD.

The lip liners included just say Lip Pencil and they come in 'Plum Rose' and 'Taupe'. I believe these are the Color Intrigue Smooth Line Lip Pencils...as the colours available match but those one come with a brush and retail for $23 CAD. The eyeliners  included just say Eye Pencil but I believe these are the Smoky Eyes Powder Pencils. Those also come with brushes and retail at $23 CAD. The colours included are 'Espresso' and 'Smoky Black' which also match what is available in the Smoky Eyes Powder Pencils.

The lip glosses in the set are the High Shine Lip Gloss and they come in 'Golden Pearl', 'Berrylicious', and 'Maple'. The full size retails for $20 CAD.

The lipsticks included are the Exceptional Lipsticks in 'Soft Rose', 'Desert Rose', and 'Lush Red'. The packaging is different on the single ones and those retail for $24.50 CAD.

The major downside to this kit are the brushes. It includes a lip brush, an eye shadow brush, and a blusher brush. The size would be great for travelling but the bristles on the eye shadow brush and the blusher brush are very plasticy feeling and not soft at all. Also, the blusher brush loves to shed. The lip brush however is a pretty decent feeling brush which would work great for travelling. ;)

There are two palettes included in this set, each contains four eye shadows, a highlighter, a blusher, and a dual ended sponge applicator and brush. The colours are pretty nice, the only downside to this is that there's only one case to hold the palette and the second palette is thus seen as a "refill". I find this unsettling for my OCD as I'm left with a palette without a case, not even a cardboard box to hold it in...

The regular quads that Elizabeth Arden have retail for $40 CAD and the single blushers that they have retail for $22 USD. The colours included in the first palette are, 'Copper Brown', 'Pale Gold', 'Gilded Sand', 'Khaki', 'Roseberry', and 'Gold'.

The colours included in the second palette are, 'Jewel', 'Tulle', 'Bubbles', 'Smoke', 'Pink Mauve', and 'Pink Sand'.

It is currently still available if you're interested and it's only $35 CAD to sample quite a few things from Elizabeth Arden.

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Thanks for the info and helpful pictures! I used this post as the deciding factor to purchase the kit. It's no longer available on the Bay's website, so I'm glad I ordered when I did.

    1. Good thing you got it before it was gone! =)