January 10, 2012

Tarte The Starlet Gift Set & Swatches

I totally forgot to include this lovely gift set by Tarte in my last post as I had received this very early on for Xmas but here it is in its full glory. =)

Warning: This is a picture heavy post. =) 

The pictures are worth it though...  The packaging was nice, it included a message from Maureen Kelly, the founder and CEO of Tarte cosmetics.

This is a list of what's hidden inside.

You get this beautiful mirrored jewelry box with all the makeup nicely hidden inside. The only downside - they cheaped out on the back and there's no mirror there. =(

When you flip open the top part, you will find a mirror and four quads of eye shadows. I love the fact that they put them in quads so that there's a focus if you're not great at choosing what colours to put together. =)

Swatches!!! This is the quad from the upper left corner. The colours are really pretty and pigmented with a nice mix of finishes.

These are from the quad in the upper right corner. You can barely see the matte shades here but these would work very nicely for blending. =)

These are from the bottom left corner.

When you pull out the first drawer you will find two more eyeshadow quads and multiplEYE clinically-proven lash enhancing primer and lights, camera, lashes! clinically-proven natural mascara. I'm currently using lights, camera, splashes and I'm loving it so I hope this will work just the same.

Swatches from the quad on the left. (Sorry about the blinding flash.) I LOVE these colours. They remind me of colours I use from UD's Naked palette.

And swatches from the quad on the right

In the second drawer you will find a bronzer, two blushes, and a shimmering powder.

Everything you basically need for colour on your face.

I'm sure not all the palettes are like mine but this is what happened to one of them, the side just cracked...

I think this is a wonderful gift set and when you're done with the make-up (if I'll ever reach that day) or if you wish to de-pot everything then you're left with a beautiful jewelry box. =) It is $68 CAD from Sephora if you're interested.

Thanks for reading!!!

P.S. My first page jump!!! =) Love it? Hate it?

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