August 9, 2012

ELF Haul - July 2012

Another year, another Elf haul so it seems. =) I like to wait for their half off sale until I place an order because to ship to Canada costs another $15 USD and I also fear duties from past experiences when my orders were shipped via FedEx. The only difficult part during their half off sale is self control. =P I think I did really well!

More after the jump! =)

I was surprised to see my order in an envelope which had never happen before. I guess they got some feedback because they used to ship orders in oversized cardboard boxes which was really unnecessary.

Another surprise was that they shipped via USPS rather than FedEx. THANK YOU!!! Even though my envelope got slightly damaged, it is WAY better than paying crazy overpriced duties (NO THANKS FEDEX!).

First things first, need more brushes! Well, I only bought one duplicate - their Blending Eye Brush ($0.50 USD), which I love using for blending and mine has lasted me more than a year, maybe a couple of years... =/ The other three brushes I purchased were new brushes that included their Mineral Powder Brush, Small Stipple Brush, and Retractable Lip Brush (all $1.50 USD each).

Picked up another Mechanical Eyelash Curler ($0.50 USD). I LOVE these eyelash curlers. =) They're great so I always love to pick more up whenever I put an order together and for the price - it's just AMAZING. =) I also picked up a Nail Buffer and Dual Pencil Sharpener ($0.50 USD each).

From the entire order, I'm most excited about the next items. =) Blush in 'Pink Passion' ($1.50 USD), Flawless Eyeshadow in 'Golden Goddess' ($1.00 USD), Mineral Lip Tint SPF 8 in 'Rose' ($1.50 USD), and Lip Balm SPF 15 in 'Peach' ($1.50 USD). I don't remember ordering the colour peach but I did...I'm not a big fan of peach, coral, or orange on me, it doesn't suit me - so straight to my sister it went. =)

Close-ups and out of their packages! =) I only swatched the eyeshadows and I'm a bit disappointed, they're not as pigmented as I was hoping they would be. Quite sheer washes of colour unless I try to pack it on. The colours are so pretty in the packaging though. *sighs

I've been using this blush since receiving it and I'm really enjoying the colour, it's a faint light pink and not as bright pink as I was hoping for but for blush, it works nicely.

Next I picked up two Individual Lash Kits ($0.50 USD each) and the Makeup Lock & Seal ($1.50 USD) which I've been eyeing since seeing it. Haven't tried it yet, I think I fear it... =P

Last but not least, I picked up Zit Zapping Concealer in 'Corrective Green', Cover Everything Concealer in 'Corrective Yellow' (both $1.00 USD each), and Mineral Eyeshadow Primer ($1.50 USD) which is a repurchase because it works fine. I love my green concealers and I'm hoping this is good because it also has salicylic acid. The Cover Everything Concealer comes in a huge pan...more like a blush sized pan than an eyeshadow sized pan.

That's all! Hope you enjoyed shopping with me! =) Thanks for reading! Don't forget to leave your comments! They're always appreciated!

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