May 9, 2013

Shiseido Warehouse Sale (May 2013)

Hello everyone! I hope the month of May is treating you well. I must say I'm content but my wallet would beg to differ. Today's post is about the Shiseido warehouse sale that I visited over the last weekend. Their public days were May 4-5. I went on Saturday bright and early and so did a couple hundred others. =P

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The sale didn't start till 9am and we were there around 7:45 and this is how far we were in line... I'd also like to note that there's barely any parking for shoppers as they closed their parking lot (for workers possibly).

At 8:30am, a lady came out of the warehouse and welcomed us to the sale and let us in shortly, earlier than their stated 9am opening - which I prefer. She explained the arrangement of products in the sale and compared to the Mac warehouse sale, this one already seemed friendlier.

This is when we were on the platform just about to go in.

This sale is really in a warehouse... And tables are set along a perimeter where you will be pushed and shoved to get a chance to look at the products. There were also products on skids in the centre but the more popular things were along the perimeter.

The products are set in cardboard boxes on tables for you to sample and then you have to flag a person behind the tables down to get them to pick it up for you. I did not like this part, it's like trying to get a drink at a really busy bar with one bartender.

If you want a go at the tables, you have to fight through this first. =P

They also set up a sorting area because like the Mac warehouse sale, you are not allowed to sort on the floor because it becomes a hazard. Even though this sorting area is quite large, it's very busy, not just with sorters, but with shoppers as well. People like to shop what others toss.

It was a fun experience and I got some good deals but there needs to be more rules for this sale. I would love to see a "no children allowed" rule like the Mac warehouse sale because it's not fair for the children. I saw some cranky crying ones sadly.

There will be a haul to come shortly. =)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Lisa's cosmetics sale they are strict about no children under 12. It does help with the flow of the traffic when there aren't kids and big strollers.

    1. I've never been to Lisa's cosmetics, that shall be next on the list... =) It would help with the traffic but I feel bad for the kids who don't want to be there but are there anyway.

  2. Lisa's cosmetics they run twice a year, once at Christmas and during Mother's day. They just ended their spring sale. They have Smashbox, Stilla, Marcelle, Revlon, H20, Elizabeth Arden products. This time they didn't have Smashbox but Christmas time they did. Weekends are crazy for their sales where you must line up for hrs but weekdays are much better. They have a lot of perfumes and colognes sets which I find are the main attraction, as well as hair sprays and various products you can find (wax, hair dye, shampoo and etc), which prices are ok but not are all cheap. Just keep in mind some products are prob. expired or discontinued.

    1. I didn't know they carried Stila or Smashbox. Guess I'll have to wait till Christimas. Thanks for the heads up! =)