August 29, 2012

Let's Go to the Ex!

Or the food building inside CNE. ;) 

Here's what I managed to eat on opening night this year. First food stand I saw whilst entering the food building, Pull'd. And I was overly excited with all the lights. =) We did do a walk around and decide what to get before pigging away.

Warning: If you're easily grossed by "mismatched" foods, look no further. =P

I was super excited for this item on the menu, I love pulled pork, I like red velvet cake, and I like pancakes, couldn't go wrong, could it?

Photo of the line up for something new at the Ex.

The making of red velvet pancakes.

The preparation of our order of "Jack'd".

The end product. Sadly, it looks nothing like the picture... I was still hoping for the best at this point but after one bite, it was money wasted.

Let's take a look at the menu again.

Sadly, none of the promises of, "succulent pull'd pork," "red velvet," "doused," and "Jack Daniels" came through. What a shame. It could've been last year's Krispy Kreme burger that is sure to impress. The pulled pork was dry. There was no red velvet to the pancakes, it was just red pancakes. They did not douse it in syrup, the syrup was cheaply drizzled. Lastly, I wouldn't even know if there was any Jack Daniels in the syrup seeing as I barely got any. False advertising much?

Next, we encountered Just Cone It. I thought it might've been the same people I saw at Taste of the Danforth but they weren't.

There were many options but I knew I had to try their "Dirty Bacon Cone". It says, "Smothered in Nutella with Strips of Crisp Bacon."

N.B. They've increased the price to $6.50.
Their cones.

Their pre cooked bacon that they will reheat in the oven.

Their ovens. I was trying to get a picture of the cone holders, but failed to do so.

The finished product, which they warned was really hot and needed some time before digging in. It was delicious. I wasn't too sure about Nutella and bacon but I loved it. And their cone was really good. I asked if it was like pizza dough and they said yeah, but it's lighter and fluffier. Only downside, the bacon strips were not crisp; they were limp and pretty greasy. =P

Then we spotted this, Bacon Nation.

What I was looking forward most to, bacon chips with Jack Daniels sauce.

Their shirts says, "Pork Star." Love it!

The finished product after waiting quite a while for them. Delicious. Thick cut bacon pieces deep fried with bbq (I couldn't pick up the Jack Daniels, just bbq).

Sadly, I haven't seen them every other time I've been the CNE this season. They covered up the bacon chips and bacon on a stick with one of their shirts. (*ETA: I've just been informed they still have bacon on a stick.) I don't know what that means... But my sister tried getting them and she got them for free but they weren't the original bacon chips I had but some random bacon chunks... =/

That's all! Didn't seem like too much food, but there were tons of calories. =P

Thanks for reading!!!

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