October 13, 2013

DIY Blotting Paper & Holder

Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying your thanksgiving long weekend! :) Today's DIY post is how to make your own blotting paper and also a handy holder that is recycled from something you might already have. :)

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First thing, the essential items you need are:
- tissue paper
- scissors
- pen
- old compact
- rubbing alcohol
- sticky note

Non-essential items include:
- cardboard/paper
- decorative pieces
- tweezers

First step is to take the pan out of your old compact by using rubbing alcohol to weaken the glue underneath the pan so that you can pop the pan out. If it gives you difficulties, you can try using tweezers to pry the pan out.

Second step is cut a template of how big the empty well of the compact is with the sticky note.

Third step is to trace the template onto folded piece of tissue paper so you can cut multiple pieces at once seeing as tissue paper is so thin, it can be easily done.

Fourth step is optional but recommended. Cut a piece of cardboard/paper to create a shield to protect the blotting papers from easily falling out.

Fifth step is super optional. Decorate your compact. :) I put rhinestones on the release button.

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy DIY that can be super useful and save you money as blotting paper can be pricey and tissue paper works great. 

Thanks for reading!

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