February 25, 2011

Emergency Shoes!

I don't know if you've heard of the concept of emergency shoes but ever since learning about them, I have been utterly obsessed. The whole idea is foldable shoes that you can carry with you when you're wearing heels so that you can change into them when your feet are dying at the end of the night (for me, it's more like an hour after wearing heels).

The first ones I learned about were Damn Heels because two girls from Ryerson University made them and they were readily accessible from the Ryerson bookstore. However, after checking them out, I decided that it wasn't really worth my $20 CAD for those because they didn't even have an elastic on the back so they weren't comfortable to wear. After learning about those, I started seeing them in more places. I saw them at Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall Pharmaplus, the ones from Shoppers were by Dr. Scholl's, and I don't remember who made the Rexall ones I saw.

Obviously, you can tell that I haven't bought any of the ones I've seen in stores - I ordered mine online via Beyond The Rack (which took FOREVER to arrive, but that's for another post, maybe). I was pretty happy with the prices and learned that these were also made by two girls but from another university in the States.

As you can see, I ordered three pairs for myself. I purchased two pairs of the AfterSoles which are the very compact rollable ballet flats. They were only $6 CAD each. I got them in black and gold. Each pair comes with two drawstring pouches, a bigger one to hold your heels when you switch into the ballet flats, and a smaller one to hold everything together when you throw it in your bag. It's pretty compact for a pair of shoes, but it wouldn't fit in those tiny wristlets - you would need a good sized clutch to hold these.

The third pair I ordered are CitySlips, which are the foldable ballet flats. I purchased these for $11 CAD. These are better quality than the AfterSoles, but they are not as compact. These would only fit a large purse because it basically looks like a clutch on its own. This pair came with one zippered pouch that becomes a reusable bag to hold your heels.

Both of these styles have the elastic back which are really comfortable and they're packaging is TOO CUTE. I think these only come in three sizes like most brands and they range from small to large. I got medium because their site said medium would fit sizes 7-8, they fit me perfectly, but if you're more on the 7 side, then I would advise you to go for the small because both my sisters are complaining that they're a bit too big (unless you like it roomy).

I've already worn the AfterSoles and although they help with the pain from heels, you will feel EVERY pebble you step on so watch where you're walking (you wouldn't want to step on glass).

AfterSoles are regularly $14.95 USD and CitySlips are regularly $24.95 USD so I got a pretty good deal. =)

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