February 27, 2011

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

For the love of chocolate covered strawberries! =) Probably one of the simplest treats to make that satisfies all your taste buds. You only need two ingredients - strawberries and your favourite chocolate (or whatever chocolate you could find last minute).

I started with this bar of "Emergency Chocolate" (too cute not to include a picture of) and strawberries that I found in the fridge (thanks mom!).

I broke the bar into pieces and put it into a bowl. I then put that bowl into a larger bowl filled 1/3 of the way with hot water. I let the chocolate do its thing and then stirred it with a butter knife to help speed up the process.

Once all the chocolate was melted, I prepared the strawberries by giving them a good rinse.

Then I prepared a tray where I would put the chocolate covered strawberries by lining it with non stick parchment paper (you can also use wax paper or plastic wrap - this is just what I had).

Very important tip - you must FULLY dry the strawberries so that the chocolate will stick. I used paper towel to speed up this process. ;)

Now we were ready to dip. I like using a butter knife (or a spoon) to help in this process so that I can achieve an even coat of chocolate on the strawberry.

After dipping all the strawberries, and this is the most difficult part, I had to place them in the fridge and wait. =(

I prepared these before dinner so they were in time for dessert. =)

After all that exhausting work, I had a whole tray of strawberries to enjoy - but sharing is caring!

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