March 1, 2011

My room smells like CAKE!

I've been obsessing over candles recently and I've been on the hunt for a candle that would fill my room with a decadent and sweet aroma (because I'm a sucker for the freshly baked scent). However, I've been quite stingy to spend anywhere near $30 CAD for a candle. I don't see why I would spend so much just to burn it away... =P

The first cheap scented candles I tried were from Ikea. I got a 3-pack that included chocolate cake, cinnamon buns, and caramel flan. They smelled really good out of the pack, but after burning them, I noticed they don't really fill the air.

I was ecstatic when Bath & Body Works stocked their Frosted Cupcake candle but they only had the small size and not the 3-wick one (which I still really want to try). I had to buy it since I was afraid it would sell out and regret not trying it (it hasn't sold out) because I regret not getting the Mint Chocolate one from their Christmas collection (and I never did find the Homemade Cookies one that I REALLY wanted).

Luckily, browsing through my favourite store, WINNERS, I found candles stocked for Valentine's and they're the ones I heard about from someone on YouTube. The For Every Body soy based candles in Yummy Cake. Out of the glass jar (with lid), it smelled just like vanilla frosting and they were only $7.99 CAD each for a huge candle (18 oz.).

I think this candle is fabulous because it fills my room with a sweet vanilla cake scent and I just LOVE it. It's also very cute because it has little sprinkles on the top (that doesn't melt). It's also soy based which is suppose to be better (or not as worse?) for you as the paraffin candles.

I absolutely love this candle and I think it's a great addition to my room. =) I've seen some more of these candles at Winners (College Park location) and they had other scents as well (but they weren't my cup of tea).

Happy shopping!!!

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