March 1, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Glaze

I'm so excited about these nail polishes that I just felt the need to blog about them asap. =) So after trying 'Black Shatter' by OPI, my only complaint was that they only had black, and then China Glaze introduces their Crackle Glaze Collection. I read on other blogs that this was coming out in February 2011 but I haven't seen it at Trade Secret even though they carry China Glaze. I was on the look out for more 'Black Shatter' (which is still sold out everywhere that I've checked), but came into this at TBBS. =) I asked the sales lady when they started carrying it and she told me that they had it for two weeks already (am I ever slow?).

I bought the whole collection ($6.99 CAD each), but they're not all for me, but I can show you everything except for the black one (since it's neither mine or my sister's). So the collection includes 'Black Mesh' (black), 'Lightning Bolt' (white), 'Cracked Concrete' (grey), 'Fault Line' (purple), 'Broken Hearted' (pink), and 'Crushed Candy' (teal).

I used 'Frostbite' (blue) by China Glaze as the base coat and topped it off with Seche Vite. My apologies for the purple not being as contrasting against the blue.

Cracked Concrete - I don't know why but I just love this name, probably because it actually makes sense.

Lightning Bolt - The sales lady told me that this would look like white out and although it does (like any true white nail polish), I think if this would look really good with a pastel colour.

Fault Line - Out of all the polishes, this one cracked the least... I don't understand why! However, the colour is really nice (nicer than in this picture). =(

Broken Hearted - I think this would look great on any colour, it's so bright!!! This will probably be the one I use next. =D

Crushed Candy - I absolutely love this colour! I'm currently wearing it on top of 'Lucernetainly Look Marvelous' by OPI.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoyed this post! =D


  1. I love 'Crushed Candy', I'm going to stop buy, and see if I can get that one, and 'Lightening Bolt'.

  2. I so going to get them!! Wee!