February 24, 2011

Rebecca Minkoff C'Ya Later Clutch

I don't know if you know but I have a bag obsession and although I don't own a lot of bags myself; the few I have are cherished and loved as if they were my children. I wanted to feature the newest addition to my family that I found at a steal - the Rebecca Minkoff C'Ya Later Clutch.

I know this is a few years old but I'm a true believer in a good bag will last a lifetime (and also because I could not afford to buy the latest and the greatest =P). I've been really obsessing over clutches for going out at night because they can fit so much compared to a wristlet. I love to carry everything in my bag because I'm the type that likes to be fully prepared in any given situation.

I love Rebecca Minkoff bags and when you find them at a steal, it's really hard to resist. For those of you who don't know, Rebecca Minkoff is a designer based in New York who makes really nice bags and accessories, she also designs apparel, and if I'm not mistaken, she's starting a footwear collection in the near future. She is most famous for her Morning After Bag which was released in 2005 (but is updated every year).

For more information on Rebecca Minkoff, visit her website http://rebeccaminkoff.com

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