February 21, 2011

NYX Round Lipsticks Review and Swatches

I never knew about NYX until my obsession with make-up and the online make-up community began. I never really was a lipstick person because lipgloss is just so much easier to work with. However, I really wanted to add some colour to my life and even though there are many lip glosses out there that have colour, their pigmentation is never like a lipstick (and there was just something more "adult" about lipstick).

I wanted something super affordable and highly pigmented for my first round of lipsticks just in case I would be over it (but obviously I'm not, yet). My friend recommended NYX and after doing some online research, I was hooked.

I ordered a batch of lipsticks from Cherry Culture for less than one MAC lipstick (I think they were around $2 USD). I got Snow White (bright red - think ketchup chips), Twist (dark coral with a golden sheen - the colour is lighter in the picture), Doll (dark pink), Spellbound (bright pink), Fig (warm pink), Paris (cool toned pink), and Christie (metallic pink).

My current favourite of the batch is Fig; I've been topping it off with Revlon's Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Peach Petal to lighten the colour up. Christie is definitely my least favourite because it's WAY too metallic and light for a lip colour that is suitable for me.

I love these lipsticks because they're not drying and they've got great pigmentation. Although they are not long-wearing (which I'm perfectly fine with), they get the job done. If you're just trying out lipsticks like I was, then these are definitely a great buy since they're highly affordable and there's a rainbow of colours to choose from. Plus, there's no awful smell to them.

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