February 18, 2011

OPI Black Shatter

I'm so excited today! The weather is gorgeous outside (wish I knew that earlier 'cause I went out with my winter jacket) and OPI Black Shatter is back in stock. =D I have waited WEEKS for it to be on the shelf again since when I last asked, I was told that the supplier to most retail outlets in the city was six weeks back ordered.

I painted my nails once I got home so that I could share the results with you. From my first attempt, it was very easy to work with but it dried very quickly so you'd want to get a good amount on the brush before applying.

You just simply paint your nails like you would with any other nail polish and wait for the "shatter" to happen. The shatter is always different and depending on how much you use, the shatter effect will be finer if you apply a thinner coat and chunkier if you apply a thicker coat.

End results were pretty nice (wish I had a bright colour on beneath though). The nail polish is quite matte so I put on a top coat to secure it and make it nice and glossy.

P.S. I got the nail polish from Trade Secrets for $9.99 CAD. Happy shopping!

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