April 17, 2011

Rock & Republic Lip Glosses

It seems like forever since I've made a new post but I've just been super busy. =( But I have many posts to come as I did some shopping this weekend and I'm super excited to share them with you. =)

I made a purchase a few weeks ago from HauteLook and it has arrived and I've stalled long enough. =) Here's my reveal! =) Can you guess what I got?

It came in a pretty big box but I didn't bother taking a photo of that... All I'm saying is that they could have used a smaller box... =)

Do you know what they are now? I think it's legible. ;)

LIP GLOSSES! =) I originally purchased 3 but they only shipped me 2 and gave me a refund on the third one because they oversold them (blah!) and that was the colour I was most excited about. I think it was called 'Loudmouth' and is suppose to be a super bright pink.

Anyway, I ended up with these two, 'Train Wreck' and 'Imposter'. They're nice but nothing to be too excited over. I thought 'Train Wreck' would give me a nude lip but it's too dark for that. It's also not very pigmented but you can build some colour. It comes off as a golden brown when applied. 'Imposter' is closer to a nude lip but it's sheer so my natural pigmentation still comes through. The formula is quite smooth and not sticky (*thumbs up). There's also no funny taste or smell to these (just for the uber picky people like me out there).

I also wanted Rock & Republic blushers but they always sell out so quickly. I'm not a big blush wearer but I just LOVE the packaging it's in. ;) I'm a sucker for great packaging. The lip glosses looks really cute and comes with a doe foot applicator. The only downfall is that the black part of the lip gloss is actually a sticker and makes it look cheap.

Thanks for visiting! XOXO!

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