February 14, 2012


Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful and love filled Valentine's Day (whether it is romantic, familial, etc.). ;)

The tastiest "rose" ever!

I just wanted to share with you my Valentine's Day treats that I made for my loved ones. (I'm very proud of them if you can't tell already.) =P

I made Nutella brownies thanks to butterbaking.wordpress.com with her amazingly easy recipe. =) (I also used store brand chocolate hazelnut spread instead of Nutella...). On top I made my own fondant, which was also pretty easy thanks to bakeat350.blogspot.com.

I also made DOMO-KUN heart sugar cookies!!! =) I'm REALLY excited about this because I think they turned out pretty well. I got the sugar cookie recipe from Martha Stewart and the idea from alanabread.com.

I think they're so cute they deserved a close up. =D Also, I used chocolate for the eyes instead of black beads seeing as I couldn't find any... =P (Side note: I also couldn't find heart sprinkles!!! I was SHOCKED! I found shamrock sprinkles though.)

And I couldn't resist to make an actual Domo Kun (I realize now his limbs are incorrect but whatever he is still UBER cute!).

AND! My treat for Valentine's Day - chocolate roses from my boyfriend!!! (Aka chocolate covered strawberries!)

Thanks for reading!!! And time for a Valentine's Day dinner with the family and then fill up on dessert!!! What are your plans for Valentine's Day???