February 13, 2012

Graffiti Nails!!!

I saw this on YouTube and I just had to try it for myself because (a) it's amazingly easy and (b) I've never seen anything like this. =)

It's super easy but takes patience because you'll be working with quite a few nail polishes. I used cuticle pusher to spot on colours but you can easily use a toothpick.

I learned to start with a white base so the colours on top can pop a little more. Then you choose whatever colours you want and start spotting them on randomly. This is the result:

Then, to make it look less clown-like and more graffiti-like, you top it off with black shatter, crackle, etc. (whatever you have that leads to the same results). ;) And you've got yourself some graffiti nails. =)

Hope you enjoyed this post!!! Thanks for reading!

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