February 16, 2012

Pressing Mineral Eyeshadows

I don't know about you but I hate using loose powders and minerals because I find myself having to be extra careful so I usually stay away except for my BareMinerals which has greatly improved their sifter by including a lock. (Getting sidetracked...) This is how I pressed my mineral eyeshadows because it's different from just pressing loose eyeshadows.

A while back, I received free mineral eyeshadows with my purchase from ELF so that is the reason why I have so many of them. =P (I believe they still offer this occasionally.)

What you need to press mineral eyeshadows are:
- mineral eyeshadow (stating the obvious but still)
- Bio Oil (or mixing medium of your choice - I've heard people use Bio Silk but I didn't have that on hand so I tried Bio Oil and it worked wonderfully) 
- a container to mix the mineral eyeshadow and pressing medium (in my case, I used Bio Oil)
- a spatual to mix with (and scoop with if you're using a different container to mix with)
- an empty eyeshadow pan (to press your eyeshadow into)
- a round object to press with (I used a quarter)
- FINALLY, a palette to hold your eyeshadow pans =)

*Make sure to CLEAN everything before proceeding - I used rubbing alcohol to sanitize everything.

I got my palette off eBay and it came with the pans. =) 

I ended up using the mineral eyeshadow container to do all the mixing... It was just easier for me seeing as I was using all the mineral eyeshadow anyway. I dropped some Bio Oil and mixed it until the consistency as shown below (if you can pack it to the side and it stays - you're good to go). Add very little of the mixing medium at a time because you can't go back unless you buy more mineral eyeshadow...(or experiment with mixing colours when you do).

After, you need to transfer the mixture into the empty eyeshadow pan.

Then, I covered the eyeshadow with some toilet paper and used the quarter to pack it down and "press" it. =) You don't necessarily need the toilet paper but even after sanitizing the quarter, I was still paranoid about germs.

And TADA! You're finished! =)

I also peeled the label on the original packaging and stuck it on the back of the eyeshadow pan and trimmed it to fit so I'll still know what it is in the future. =) If you can't peel the original label - make your own label! =)

And that's my quick and easy way to pressing mineral eyeshadows! =) And I swatched them to show you that they're still beautiful after being pressed and they're a lot easier to use without the mess. =)

I hope that was informative and helping if you were looking to press mineral eyeshadows. If you were, I hope it inspired you. =)

Thanks for reading!!!

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